​German Language Academy is the best institute to learn german language in Bangalore

German Language Academy

Our  Faculty, V K Banumathy, M.A. (Eng) & M.A. (Ger), has over 23 years of experience in teaching german and currently teaching MA students in BU

​We offer four levels of german courses, A1, A2, B1, B2.1 and B2.​2

We undertake translation service also

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At the beginning, I had not known anything about GLA.I had just read some reviews from internet about GLA and joined here having hope that I would excel well in learning German. But my hope has not gone for a toss. Mam is so dedicated and the way she takes class is wonderful. She highly concentrates on the Grammar part which is very important for a language. Not only that, she gives us lots of homework which really helps us to practice more and more. Her class is full of fun and laughter. She makes us feel like being at home so that we are more comfortable to ask doubts without hesitation, talk freely and make new friends. My personal feeling is that GLA gives you a fun filled atmosphere and I think we cannot find such a place anywhere else to learn German.

 *****Uma Sarma-B1-98*****29

To a student of German language, Grammar is not easy.

But with a teacher like Bhanu ma'am one can understand German Grammar in detail.

Ma'am makes learning very interactive and challenges us constantly with interesting

interactions and writing exercises.

 At GLA,learning is fun and  the 4 hour classroom sessions with  friends pass in  a jiffy.


I wanted to learn German for the sake of pursuing masters in Germany. I got to know about GLA through a friend who had done his A1 and was continuing with A2 in GLA. He painted such an amazing picture about the teacher and her ways of teaching that I decided that I wanted to experience this myself. It was no doubt the exact same scenario. The grammar foundation you get in GLA is by far the best, according to me. The classes are fun filled and it is a perfect example of learning with fun. The teacher created an interest and passion in me about the language, rather than just doing it for master's sake. To say nothing more, you will feel 'AT HOME' in the GLA class. I have successfully completed A1 and am doing A2. I would look forward to continue with B1 as well if time and circumstances permit.


It's a great place to learn German, the classes are very interactive and concepts are very well explained by Banu mam. Especially grammar concepts are very clearly done in structured manner that helps you understand it very clearly. It's a fun learning experience.


“This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, to learn German language at GLA

“The GLA is a fun and inclusive place to study. The staff is very supportive and helpful!” .

“There is no place like the GLA- if you want to study German language, and then go here.” 

“Absolutely loved my time here. I had the greatest experiences.” -at GLA

“I feel privileged to have spent almost one year at such a respected and friendly institution.”  - GLA 


GLA is an excellent place to learn the German language. The atmosphere in the class is simply superb. The course material is very good. Emphasis is given on the grammar, which is the most important part of GLA. Also, the class is fun-filled and ma`am teaches with a lot of enthusiasm. GLA is the best place to learn German language and I am one of those luckier ones to have learned German from Banumathy ma`am. She is a great teacher and puts in a 100% to make students understand things easily. Thank you GLA for this wonderful experience!!


I have taken the Best decision to join GLA. Learning German needs lots of attention,potential and hardwork. GLA is the best platform to learn German Language.Banumathy Mam pays indiv-idual attention to all students which makes you feel to keep learning the language. She makess her students to be perfect with Grammer.I joined GLA as suggested by my manager . I thank him for giving Best suggestion by joining GLA. Any language, if we are perfect with Grammer part, we can rule the world with that language and Banumathy Mam will help the students to acheive that.She is best of bestest among who know German. She will make us learning language with lots of fun. She will makes us practise by speaking the language During class, Hearing, writing, doing exercises with lots of fun. I was also heard about other institutes. But GLA is prefferable to get perfect German Language training.

*****Shanmugabharathi Muthu-A2-bharathi_nantha@yahoo.com-9******03 -27.02.2017    

GLA is the best institute to learn German. If you are in plan to learn German language, pls don't waste your time to search institute, you first join GLA without any second thought.  Mam will make you best in this language. Always the class will be fun filled and very informative. Mam takes class very lively and informative. You can get clear all your doubts and mam will give more preference to grammar. You never get that in any other institution. I strongly recommend GLA to all who wants to learn German in efficient way 



abj0*****@gmail.com |  80*****89713th May, 2016

The best institute to learn German. Like other students I was also enquired to join Goethe Institute and all but finally I landed up here. Do not know about Goethe but it is not less than Goethe. Mam is superb, the way of her teaching is outstanding and she used to clear all our doubts related to grammar or pronunciation and everything with always a smile at her face. She knew all the words and their articles in German and the class atmosphere is super cool and everyone helps each other to learn. Chocolates and Snickers are part of life in German Language Academy and its really fun and learning atmosphere. For instance, sometimes I did not finish my homework but still went to class just to sit there and listen the lecture. In short, if you are looking to learn proper German and to master in all language fields like speaking, listening, reading and writing. Please do not think much and join German Language Academy. Do whatever mam says homework or assignments or projects and you will be master of the language.

Gopalakrishna Guddannanavar

gopa*****@gmail.com |  99*****1267th Mar, 2016

Its great place to learn German language. mam teaches in very good way by giving preference to grammar and give guidance and methods to use appropriately to make sentences and enhance language.. Moreover moral support, mam treat students like their own kids and gives all the possible support to learn language.. Importantly as person has to be happy first such that anything in world can be learnt very well and mams teaching emphases this aspect.. I suggest to all my friends who are interested in learning German language..


ssku*****@gmail.com |  96*****6475th Mar, 2016

GLA is the best academy to learn the German Language in the easiest way with full of fun. Banumathy mam`s structured way of teaching and sound knowledge of the language helped us a lot to catch the grammar and speaking effortlessly.

Vishal Jethwa

95*****88823rd Feb, 2016

For people who are looking for a German course with perfect atmosphere to learn, teacher, ambiance where you can ask/discuss/contribute in class, GLA will prove to be right choice! All aspects Reading/Writing/Speaking/Listening (Bhanu Madam giving instructions in German also helps to get a feel of language) as well as the course structure which includes project, grammar, sentence formation etc. It is perfect for people like me who have not learnt any new language from last 15 years!! Learning is a process and Bhanu Madam will take you through that journey!


soul*****@hotmail.com |  99*****53621st Feb, 2016

Very nice. Happy to learn from a sincere teacher...!! Very useful and friendly environment.


72*****22318th Feb, 2016

GLA is the best place to learn German Language. Madam insists on speaking German in classroom and she just makes the Grammatical rules stick to your mind.


ish.*****@gmail.com |  99*****74513th Feb, 2016

This is definitely the best decision I made in choosing a school for learning German language. Bhanumati maams passion for the language and the country brings about a wonderful atmosphere of learning and enjoyment. She pushes students to put in that extra effort to be able to speak confidently. The small group sizes and the long study hours culminate to engrave the language intricacies into every student. GLA is an institute I would like to keep in touch with for a long long time.


abhi*****@gmail.com |  97*****50410th Feb, 2016

Id definitely recommend GLA as the right spot to learn the language. The class interaction, discussions and project presentations will boost ones confidence in the language. The classes are informative, fun-filled and interactive. Our teacher would make sure the students are sound with the basics and have strong foundations. The course follows the same syllabus as Goethe but with one extra objective that is the focus more on the grammar. The materials are good and various extra details and materials are provided to go one step ahead apart from class works. The teacher is willing to spend 100% to fine tune the students. Make sure you are keen, eager and committed towards GLA.

Abhishek G

abhi*****@gmail.com |  99*****8202nd Feb, 2016

I`m presently doing B1, the course (starting from A1) is very interesting. One can easily have a strong hold on his/her foundations. His/her basics will be strong thats for sure. I`d like to inform the students who are planning to study in Germany that the GLA certificate (A1A2) is more than sufficient to apply for universities.

Mr Satish

sate*****@gmail.com |  87*****0071st Sep, 2015


sare*****@gmail.com |  81*****12422nd Aug, 2015

I have just completed A1 & A2 successfully in German Language and currently doing the B1 level there. Also, my wife has started A1/A2 there and I have decided to join German language Academy after looking the reviews here and it was a good decision I had taken. I had doubts like how the 4 hour classes work for me as I never liked language classes and grammar lessons in my school days. But I really liked the way Bhanumathy mam teaches and she has made it very interesting. We never felt the 4 hour classes too long and she is very helpful and very patient in clearing the doubts and is ready to repeat any topic until you understands it well which I don`t think you will get it anywhere else and you won`t get the individual attention like here anywhere. I don`t know how the classes are in other institutes but I can tell you that the standard of German Language Academy classes is very good and I guarantee that you will never regret if you decide to join German Language Academy. Also, you will get lots of chocolates and homemade snacks.

Arvind Venkatraman

96*****00816th Aug, 2015

It has been a wonderful experience at the GLA. Ma`am has made sure everything she teaches is parted the right way. The stress to detail is commendable and is something I have not seen in quite sometime. Grammatik ist ein Muss! Banumathy ma`am loves chocolates. And yeah! It has been a genuine pleasure being her student. I have completed A1 and A2 and I am planning on continuing B1 here. If you want to LEARN German, this is the place.

Abhishek S S

ssab*****@gmail.com |  94*****09911th Aug, 2015

I did A1 and A2 levels in GLA, it was great experience learning German language under Bhanumathy mam. Individual attention from mam will make you remember your school days. No doubt that grammar is well taught. I would suggest GLA upon Goethe, since German language is toughest among other languages, in terms of grammar. Alles Gute!

Abhijith Raveendran

abhi*****@gmail.com |  94*****73010th Aug, 2015

I have done A1 and A2 from GLA. Now I feel, I made the right decision - to join GLA. Teaching style and methodologies of Banu ma`am are commendable. As Banu ma`am says "Grammar is the essence of any Language"- If you want to learn `German Grammar` thoroughly, without any doubt I can say `GLA is the apt place for it`. Mam gives personal care to each and every student in the class. The classes are very lively (and sometimes very funny!). Attending the classes regularly itself is enough to pass the exam. In my case, I have to say one exception Mam had given - I had to go for an on-site project in the middle of the A1 course, and Ma`am allowed me to join the next batch. I don`t think this is possible with any other Institute!

Deblina Roy

89*****58610th Aug, 2015

The classes are excellent. Ma`am takes care of each and every detail. I finished A1 and A2 level from here and I am fully satisfied. Ma`am priority is to teach us even the smallest rules of the grammar and its usage in sentences. She focus on our writing, everyday speaking and hearing part. Truly, she helps us finding the essence of the language

Shilpashil*****@gmail.com |  99*****55611th Jul, 2015

I am happy that I found this right place to learn German language. I have completed A1 and A2 here and continuing B1.

Main asset for German Language Academy is Bhanu mam and her way of teaching, she does not leave until you learn

the language. She prepares the material with so much care apart from the course books that she gives. If you really

have interest and zeal to learn German, you came to right place. Enjoy learning German.

Sripriyasrip*****@gmail.com |  78*****4354th Jul, 2015

GLA is the best place to learn German Language. The environment in the class is very lively and interesting. Bhanu Mam makes sure that everyone is able to cope up with the syllabus.

Suman Ramaswamysuma*****@gmail.com |  99*****1124th Jul, 2015

Learnt A1A2 here. Banumathy maam made it very easy and interesting. She gave a lot of tips which made learning here very enjoyable. I learnt German with lot of fun . This place has a very homely feeling that made me comfortable. Am continuing learning B1 level too. Best place to learn German I would say Do join learn n enjoy

Varun Pratap Singh98*****58024th Jun, 2015

I have done A1A2 levels from GLA and I found it superb . The way bhanu mam teaches is very good. She provides all the study material and shares posts online as well. These things makes learning experience fun. She is a wonderful person and very good teacher. I am lucky that I was part GLA. Varun pratap singh

Anandanan*****@yahoo.co.in |  97*****93223rd May, 2015

My experience at GLA was extremely good . The classes are interesting and interactive. The study material and the course contents are very well organized. The students are also given enough time in the class to understand anything that is being explained. The highlight of the classes are that they are very lively. Although the classes extend for 4 hours, the students are kept engaged throughout . Coming to the most important part, learning methods and suggestions given by ma`am. The methods employed by her in class are very commendable. She is a great trier and puts in a 100% to make students understand things easily. There are a lot of useful suggestions given in class, for example, homework and website which help us improve our language skills. The students are also encouraged to speak the language more often in class with peers to improve on speaking, which I think is the most important aspect.

Sachinsach*****@aco.com |  72*****91820th May, 2015

I have completed my A1 and A2 levels from GLA. Banu maam is an excellent teacher, who is so passionate about teaching, is the best thing about GLA. She is highly motivating and pushes the students to excel more. Classes are highly interactive, lively and informative. Basics are covered thoroughly - regularly attend the classes, and learn the topics you can learn German.

Rachit Vermarach*****@gmail.com |  99*****98019th May, 2015

Teaching style of Maam is superb. She gives all the study material and shares awesome posts online for making learning experience fun. She is a wonderful person and teacher. Classroom feels more like a family so you can shed all your inhibitions and learn the language like a nursery kid.

Naresh Babu Knare*****@gmail.com |  72*****80519th May, 2015

My learning experience with GLA has been so good. I have completed till A2 and am able to comprehend Deutsch very well. Thanks to our beloved mam, Mrs. Banumathi. She insists on speaking German in classroom and she just makes the gramatic rules stick to your mind. She always coaches students to take them to the next level. Individual attention will be given to students. I never felt like sitting inside a classroom, because the classroom sessions were so interactive and lively. All that takes to learn this language thoroughly is to follow her instructions. No need to feel uncomfortable at all. She makes students feel comfortable by being interactive with them and she never discriminated her students. She encourages and motivates by speaking positively all the time. Wanna learn German language? Join GLA and come out with flying colours.

Rajeesh Kv96*****38017th May, 2015

Looking for learning German (Deutsch) in Bangalore ?? Don`t have a second thought. GLA is the place to be.I am very fortunate to learn German from our beloved Banu maam. The concepts and tricks of the language that she imbibes in you is the best.You are sure to receive individual attention from maam as she makes sure that all your doubts are cleared before you leave for the day.And the atmosphere in class is always so lively wherein Maam makes sure that each of her students (family) are interested in learning the language.The study materials that are provided are excellent. And as our beloved maam always saysDeutsch ist einfach ( Deutsch is simple) .I have completed my A2 in GLA and looking forward for the experience in B1 level with GLA once again. Happy learning people :)

Chandan Barikchan*****@gmail.com |  72*****18913th Apr, 2015

Frankly speaking though I am good in my engineering subjects , I am not so good at Languages. My sole purpose of joining GLA was to learn Basic German language so that I can get admission in a good German University for Masters. Now after completing the A1 an A2 intensive course I can speak , read and write German confidently. Banumati Madam`s method of teaching is excellent. Classes consist of only 15 - 18 students so she focuses on each and every student individually.Every one is given equal opportunity to learn and clarify doubts. Secondly the class room ambiance and location is good. I suggest if you are planning to learn German , then just enroll in GLA without a second thought. I am pretty sure that after completion of the course your views will be same as mine. Happy Learning .... Bye :)

 Sharath97*****2044th Apr, 2015

GOOD TEACHERS ARE HARD TO FIND AND FORGET. I believe anybody can learn German language if you have a teacher like Banu ma`am.. She is very much experienced.. More than a teacher she is a VERY GOOD HUMAN BEING.. not only learning the language you actually learn a lot of things in the class.. Though I got very less marks due to personal reasons I am happy that I learnt basics with a good teacher.. I strongly recommend it to all. Very strict when it comes to matter of marks so don`t ever miss the class.. be studious from the first class..

Nadeesh Tvnade*****@gmail.com |  99*****45229th Mar, 2015

In my opinion, this is the best place to learn German in Bangalore. She is the kind of teacher which you had in your school days who will encourage and motivate you and at the same time scold you whenever you repeat the mistake. Whenever Ma`am got a feeling that student`s got bored she will share some funny moments but she will make sure that she will tell that thing in German only so that students will learn new words. I joined here for A1 &A2 and I really enjoyed the time I spent in GLA.

Venkat91*****77718th Mar, 2015

I have completed my A1&A2 in this institute. Best place to learn German language and strong basics of German grammar. Excellent teaching , good material, good interaction brings more interest in the Language. last but not the least, students will get chocolates/sweets every week :-)

Manju Singh96*****00014th Mar, 2015

Awesome experience, friendly milieu, strong and clear concepts and fantastic learning. Banu mam is just excellent and right person to reach out to learn German language.

Niharika B97*****43910th Mar, 2015

No better place than German Language Academy to learn German. Banu mam creates a lively atmosphere in the classroom, making every lesson interesting and ensuring that retention of concepts occurs in the classroom itself. This, I feel is very important when learning a new language. The classes are interactive and importance is given to every aspect of the language, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Banu mam is also highly encouraging and pushes students to get the best out of the classes.

Vignesh Ggvig*****@gmail.com |  97*****4798th Mar, 2015

Banu Mam has excellent knowledge and love for the Deutsch language. I have completed A1 + A2 in GLA, Attending classes +following mam instructions + your efforts = Reach great level of satisfaction of language 1). Grammar is taught in superb manner 2). Materials shared in GLA is very useful 3)Great atmosphere in the Classroom 4). GLA flyers group in FB is helpful for communication with the seniors of GLA 5) Fees is comparatively very lesser than Goethe and other institutes. Note : Language Standard is never compromised in GLA. All the best guys, you can close your eyes and choose GLA.

Sumanthsuma*****@yahoo.in |  96*****91219th Dec, 2014

Best place to learn German in Bangalore ad classes are always interesting. If you want to get a strong base of German grammar, than this is the place. Banu mam gives grammar notes which are easy to understand.

Ashwani Agarwal89*****87914th Dec, 2014

It is the best place to learn German in Bangalore. Ma`am ensures that none of her students are lagging behind. The focus is on each and every student.

Ahilya Pratham96*****96223rd Nov, 2014

GLA is THE place to learn German. Grammar is the base for any language and Banu mam takes all the efforts in making her students build this foundation strong thereby helping them understand and learn the language. She has amazing teaching skills and an astounding command over the language. As a student I would like to imbibe the passion, she has for this language, in me. The best thing about GLA is the lively atmosphere in which the language is taught. Only requisite is, you need to be keenly interested in learning the German language and be sincere in your efforts.

Vinod96*****96918th Nov, 2014

This is one of the best institutes one can join to learn German. Initially I thought it is very difficult to learn German. But the way mam teaches is really good. I have completed A2 here and looking forward to continue to next level.

Swathi Kalahasti81*****12311th Oct, 2014

It is the best place to learn German. The method of Bhanu mam`s teaching is simply fantastic. Mam ensures that none of her students are lagging behind. I am completing A2 next week and I wish I could take B1 course also. To excel in language, you just need to follow what mam teaches in class and complete the homework on time.

Subin Sebastiansubi*****@yahoo.com |  94*****6715th Oct, 2014

GLA provided an excellent methodology for learning German language. Faculty was very proficient in both vocabulary and grammar. Uniqueness of the academy was that it gave individual attention to all the students so that they speak, write and listen German(Deutsch) properly towards the end of A2 level course.

Anjali Shukla99*****67930th Aug, 2014

Great place to learn German!! You have your own share of fun as well as studying. Banumathy Ma`am makes sure every student is given individual attention. She is a very loving teacher..:) One can easily pass the exam if he/she just attends the class regularly as her style of teaching is very good. Her anecdotes are great!!

Subhendu Goudasubh*****@gmail.com |  81*****89410th Aug, 2014

If you are really interested to learn German, then this is the best place in the city. Even if you cannot spend more time, if you are regular to the class and listen carefully to the lessons. That is enough to at least read and write the language. Such high is the quality of teaching and clarity of presentation. I have completed A1 & A2 and joined B1 here. I would recommend to join here. But please attend the classes regularly to excel.

Anil99*****48617th Jul, 2014

GLA is a perfect place for candidates who are serious about learning German language. Bhanu mam is strict about German grammar and will clarify all doubts without any hesitation. I`ve completed A2 level in GLA and will be joining B1 starting from 2nd August 2014. I wish GLA conducts classes for B2. I would be glad to attend B2 also in GLA.

Joejoe.*****@quest-global.com |  77*****76110th Jul, 2014

I would give an average score for the GLA. I had a bitter experience during the course time and was a drop out coz of that. Bhanu maa`m with all due respect is a good teacher but failed to prove it with all the students. She wouldn`t care to organize a special training session to beginners or those who miss a class due to unavoidable circumstances which inturn results in difficulty to cope up with others. One would feel like you are bugged and bullied at the corner of that small room.

Pradeep H Nprad*****@gmail.com |  99*****03911th Apr, 2014

If you are really looking for the best place to learn German language, then no need to have a second thought - "Just rush to GLA". My experience in GLA is really awesome. For any language, grammar is the foundation. More importance is given in GLA for learning perfect grammar. The classroom interactions, discussions, project presentation etc will boost the confidence for speaking German. The classes are very informative, interactive and of course fun-filled. Always Banu madam is ready to put more than 100% effort for teaching. So as a student, one must be ready to put at least 100% commitment and effort. Hats off to the patience and efforts of Banu madam in making "German learning easy."

Gautham88*****83719th Mar, 2014

German language academy is the best place to learn German mainly because of Banu ma`am. She is undoubtedly an excellent teacher with expertise in German Language. Importance is given to both Grammar and speaking. After having completed A2 I was able to easily converse with my German colleagues. I am writing my B1 exam at Goethe in few days and I am highly confident of scoring well. Apart from learning a language we have loads of fun during the classes, I have also made very good friends. With no doubt, GLA is the best place to learn German.

Raghav Moahnragh*****@gmail.com |  97*****67816th Feb, 2014

GLA is the perfect choice for learning Deutsch. This language academy has a very strong hold on grammar for speaking correctly. The class is very interactive and helps you with the conversation. The teacher helps you with all the questions. This academy is very good for fine tuning and learning correct German. There is enjoyment, interaction but each one must study hard to understand the Language. Each one learning German must study 1 hour everyday to reach the base level of German. I am a very proud student of GLA.

Ragunath Ssubr*****@gmail.com |  99*****21816th Feb, 2014

If you want to learn German thoroughly from basic GLA is the place to learn. Expertise and control over the German language of Banumathy Mam is excellent which enables you to learn German easily and effectively.

Sanket Sahoosank*****@gmail.com |  96*****07816th Feb, 2014

My experience in GLA has been excellent. German being a very new language to us, we need to have a very thorough and clear understanding of the language basics and grammar. This is definitely the best place to have a very basic foundation of the language. Bhanu mam concentrates on each and every student and gives very good emphasis on grammar which is always the foundation for any language. I have found many good friends here and have a lot of fun while learning. I have done A1/A2 here and even planning my B1. I will definitely recommend everyone who wants to learn or improve his/her German. I thank Mam to have such a great course offering and wish many success to GLA.

Binibabubini*****@gmail.com |  96*****24610th Feb, 2014

Best place to learn German.Excellent way of teaching and good interactive sessions by Banu Mam.Grammar part is given utmost importance and you will become confident in speaking German too.

Sriram Sn94*****3622nd Feb, 2014

If you want to learn German, there is no better place in Bangalore like GLA. in GLA, you understand not only the nuances of the German language but also gain confidence in conversing in German. Banu mam has been instrumental in helping me to gain German knowledge and I am also proud to be in the first batch of German B1 batch in GLA.

David Franklindavi*****@gmail.com |  87*****30930th Nov, 2013

This is the Best language institute. Not only have I learnt German but also I improved English. The decorative forms, the proper structural teaching enabled us to learn the language in the "Language perspective view". EXCELLENT ACADEMY!!

Amar Nandanamar*****@yahoo.com |  94*****61728th Jul, 2013

Excellent learning Experience in the GLA. Banumathi mam is an excellent trainer with whom the learning process in so easy and fun. The class room interaction is the best part of GLA. During the course more stress in given on the Grammer which is unlike any other institutions. Over all, the best place to learn German.

Mathanmath*****@yahoo.com |  99*****86628th Jul, 2013

Excellent way of teaching and interacting with all the student . and making more home work to improve our language skills . Making us to do higher course in GLA.

Siddartha Reddybire*****@gmail.com |  81*****74028th Jul, 2013

The way Bhanumathy Mam teaches German language is really awesome. When compared to other Language course institutes, Basics like Grammar are taught well. Also the class will be full of interaction. Without mam support, i would not have learn German language with strong grammar skills. I suggest GLA is the best to learn Duetsch.

Vivekmsvv*****@gmail.com |  99*****23414th Jul, 2013

If you are interested in learning German language thoroughly right form the basics then look no further, this is the place to do so!! The Dedication of Banumathi Ma`am deserves a special mention here. She must be the best German Teacher out there!!

Ashrit97*****36225th Jun, 2013

It was really exciting learning German at GLA. Banumathi mam made the learning experience even more joyful. Mam is extremely passionate about teaching and she takes personal care to ensure that we students get comfortable with the language. Kudos to GLA and Banumathi mam..

Boris96*****36921st Jun, 2013

Great and awesome learning experience.

Shashi Kiran95*****58316th Jun, 2013

If you want to learn German amidst Fun, never think anything other than GLA. Apart from this, the teaching methodology is a lot different from the other German Language Institutes which makes the language simpler at the end of the course.

Swaroop Sharmaswar*****@gmail.com |  96*****34216th Jun, 2013

Enjoyed every moment here. Never thought learning German would be this easy and fun. If you want to learn German either because you want to study in Germany, or for work related reasons, or for leisure, GLA is the place to be. To learn a language thoroughly, one must master its grammar. In GLA, grammar is given utmost importance and that`s the reason I preferred GLA over other institutes. Also, you`d get to meet people who share similar interests. Mainly because you chose to learn German along with them. So don`t hesitate. Pick up the phone and Just Dial! P.S: Es ist einfach, Deutsch zu lernen! :D

Sachin Pangalsach*****@hotmail.com |  81*****69716th Jun, 2013

If you want to get your German basics & language right, than GLA is your best bet. Bhanumathi mam does it all her way. Fun learning experience.

Sameer99*****99516th Jun, 2013

It was a great experience learning at GLA. I thank Banumathy maam for laying such a strong grammar foundation which is very important to start learning any language. Thank you.

Harshita Skhars*****@gmail.com |  95*****99021st May, 2013

Teaching in GLA is Excellent. Banumathy mam goes out of her way to make students learn the language. Learning German in GLA is fun.

Shankar Gowdasgow*****@gmail.com |  99*****00021st Apr, 2013

Excellent and fun learning at GLA.

Ruram Sinha99*****0629th Feb, 2013

GLA at HSR layout was an excellent experience. The teacher and her teaching style inspired in me the eagerness to learn the language in totally. The basics were thought very well. to all those who wish to learn German should opt for GLA.

Sri Lathaitss*****@yahoo.com |  99*****8029th Feb, 2013

If somebody is really looking to learn German as a language ,not just for certificate, then GLA is the right place . The teaching is not like we learn in institutes but is like we learn in school---we learn and also enjoy the course to the fullest. Mam is the soul reason for the wonderful experience we have here. The course material is very good

Chidambar Chandrashekhar Doddamanikoma*****@gmail.com |  99*****14920th Jan, 2013

I just want to say that if anybody wants to learn German language in depth, I`ll just say go and join German Language Academy. Because the way madam teaches is very impressive and she makes students to learn more about the subject in encouraging manner. I am sure that the students who learn in German language Academy they are perfect in language and they will be more forward in speaking and writing in German language than the students who learn in other institute.

Divyadivy*****@gmail.com |  99*****33720th Jan, 2013

Thanks alot gla for giving such a beautiful learning experience. Here every moment was fun. I can`t forget this learning curve. Also a personal thanks to bhanu maam for giving me so much of confidence and help. Mam you were more like a friend to me. I am happy today that I enrolled to gla for my German language. It was a complete fun filled learning package. Thank you GLA for this wonderful experience!!

Pavankrishnapava*****@yahoo.com |  88*****5141st Dec, 2012

Madam does a very good teaching in the class. She pays attention to each student in the class. She explains the subject very good and each student can understand very easily. Overall the course is very good and interesting.

Rakesh KRakh*****@gmail.com |  97*****9981st Dec, 2012

I felt course is very good and its very interesting.

Sukalyan Sahu98*****39729th Aug, 2012

I attend the Deutch A1.German Language training is really very good. All the topics are covered in details. Madam helps and supports to understand the Grammar properly. Classes are on weekend only. Exam after finishing the course.

Surajit Kumar Joshi99*****24528th Aug, 2012

Learning a language is tough. It needs sincerity, dedication and involvement. German Language Academy gives you the platform. The sessions were very interactive, everything put very clearly in the board. Initially English as a medium is required and Madam takes care of this and slowly introduced German in such a way that you will be very comfortable in German as the time passes by. Completely concentrated on Grammar which is the backbone of any language. I would like to thanks GLA for the nice way of teaching a foreign language.

Basanthi T S98*****97328th Aug, 2012

The course is excellent and the way Ma`m teaches is even more effective. Individual attention is provided and the classes are very interactive. Grammar is taught in a very simple and easy way.Would definitely recommend GLA for learning German.

Vishal Singhalvish*****@gmail.com |  98*****81128th Aug, 2012

Excellent knowledge of German language. Also have excellent teaching skills.

Manoj1984*****@gmail.com |  95*****09027th Aug, 2012

Classes are very interactive and if you follow the class then you can learn it in very manner.

Gayatrigaya*****@gmail.com |  98*****42919th Aug, 2012

My experience at GLA has been fantastic. GLA has helped me build a strong foundation in German. I am really thankful to Bhanu Ma`am for all the effort she has put in.

Shivu Sheelavantarshee*****@gmail.com |  95*****74419th Aug, 2012

Class atmosphere is really nice. Grammar was taught really well. One can get hold of German language really well if learned in GLA. Had a fantastic learning at GLA.

Rashik Trash*****@gmail.com |  99*****72819th Aug, 2012

The class is lively and interesting. She explains the Grammar concepts clearly. I would recommend GLA for German course.

Monideepadr.m*****@gmail.com |  99*****92019th Aug, 2012

It was lovely being a "student" and particularly because I was sharing the class with m daughter and her contemporaries. I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and I have learnt at least well enough to understand and speak a little. I am very keen to do the next level provided I am found to be eligible enough for it.
Wishing GLA and Ma`am all the success.
Long Live GLA!!!!

Tanushree Ishanitanu*****@gmail.com |  99*****82919th Aug, 2012

Post my college and work experience, I realized the importance of knowing a foreign language. I thought German would be a better choice as I am planning to go to UK for my higher studies and it is a language that is widely spoken in Europe. I am very privileged to be a part of GLA because this is one institution that helps you to understand and learn a language in totality. Banu ma`am who is the director of GLA is a one man army for the same and is a teacher par excellence. she stresses on every aspect of the language that prevents us on compromising on studying the basics thereby enabling us to have a better grasp on the language. i was super happy and satisfied with GLA because from the course books to the class atmosphere - everything was impressive.
I wish ma`am and GLA all the luck. I advocate anyone who is interested to learn the language to enroll ONLY in GLA.

Shwetha Hegde98*****4689th Aug, 2012

The classes are very good, interactive and a good atmosphere to learn German. Ma`am is so dedicated and sincere that it is difficult not to concentrate and not to learn. A very good place to start learning German and have a strong foundation of German grammar.

Vinay V Kabadivina*****@gmail.com |  99*****7999th Aug, 2012

Madam (Banumathy) really made efforts to make us learn German in a simple and memorable way. We were a bunch of 10 colleagues from a corporate company who joined GLA to learn basic German. Lessons were taught with examples and shortcuts. Revisions, Questionnaire and test sessions were often conducted to clarify the doubts. Assignments and tasks were given to practice. The study material given was standard and same as of Max Mueller Bhavan. Audio and video sessions were also done to familiarize us with the German accent and culture. The best part was, the class was really filled with fun and good learning. It was an pleasant and memorable experience here.

Supriya Chsegu*****@gmail.com |  97*****4449th Aug, 2012

It is very good. Our Madam (Mrs. Bhanumathy) explains very well. Way of teaching is very good and interesting.

Nikanjnika*****@gmail.com |  81*****62922nd Jul, 2012

Awesome class. Had great fun learning.

Shashankshas*****@gmail.com |  95*****66222nd Jul, 2012

This place is very apt for learning German. Banu madam is very good at explaining the grammar in the simplest and the best way. I am happy that I was a part of this institute.

Srinidhi99*****94814th May, 2012

The German Language Academy is good place for learning German with its good teaching faculty. My experience at GLA was like "Back to school". The ways of teaching, interaction and course materials provided are really helpful. The location of GLA is very pleasant and an apt place for learning.

Karthikkart*****@gmail.com |  96*****22012th May, 2012

GLA is an excellent place to learn the German language. The course material is very good and the regular exercises help us to understand and learn the language better. The atmosphere in the class is simply superb. A lot of interaction takes place in the class and this very much helps in the pronunciation & conversation. Emphasis is given on the grammar, which is the most important part of any language. Also, the class is fun-filled and ma`am teaches with a lot of enthusiasm. All in all, the best place to learn German language and I am one of those luckier ones to have learned German from Bhanumathi ma`am.

Naveen Shettynav1*****@yahoo.com |  97*****81412th May, 2012

I am enjoying the class to greater extent. The course books and class notes given by the mam is very helpful and easy in learning the German language. The class atmosphere is too calm and pleasant, where one can deeply concentrate without any disturbance. The German class is very much different from a normal college class. I got many new friends over here and I am loving the language. I am very happy to be here. Overall, the class is excellent.

Rshul Kashyaprahu*****@gmail.com |  88*****53412th May, 2012

Ma`am, you have an amazing way of way making us study without making it look laborious. Because of your method of interactive teaching pulling everyone to speak, that even though I didn`t understand Kannada (which rest of the students use to to interact), I never felt out of group. The anecdotes and the small stories which you narrate in the class to make us learn is simply amazing.

Haritharl.h*****@gmail.com |  99*****94525th Apr, 2012

I am proud to that I have topped in A2 Level Exam(external candidate) conducted by Max Mueller Bhavan(Goethe Institute ).All credit goes to mam and GLA . German Language Academy is the ideal place to learn German . I say so because of various reasons : 
1) The excellent teaching faculty . Her dedication and devotion is par excellence.Without her I would have topped A2 Level in Max Mueller Bhavan. Thank you mam and thank you very much !
2) The class atmosphere , the inter-action and the rigorous training in speaking ,writing and listening are fabulous .
3)The Projects and the presentation improved our vocabulary and knowledge.
4) We learnt with fun and laughter that made the difficult language easy and interesting. I recommend GLA to those who wants to learn German thoroughly and beautifully.

A.murali Senthilmura*****@gmail.com |  97*****00321st Feb, 2012

The German Class at GLA gave me an opportunity to relive my college days . I throughly enjoyed it.GLA will be in the nicer part of my memory .The reason for all the above is YOU mam . Without your effort ,dedication and enthusiasm , the class would have been a room with boards, benches and chairs !Thank you mam !

Rahul Joshialwa*****@gmail.com |  99*****2283rd Oct, 2011

Attended German Language Class @ GLA for 4 months. Every class was interesting and never got bored. i can never forget mam`s teaching and her fun filled anecdotes in the class. Thanks mam for all the help ( translating my documents for my visa to Germany).Please visit me in Germany mam ! Thanks for everything !

Vinay C.v.vina*****@gmail.com |  99*****5493rd Oct, 2011

German Language is interesting but their grammar part was difficult but the fun filled ,interactive sessions and detailed grammer classes made it easy and interesting. Mam`s teaching is fabulous. I recommend GLA for good German learning .

Shilpa C.spid*****@yahoo.com |  89*****93123rd Aug, 2011

Initially I found the German Language tough. Could I be able to learn the language ?
I could . thanks to our dear mam .The conventional text book and the latest method of teaching materials are very helpful. In September I will be in Germany for my higher studies and the learnt German language will help me in my day to day affairs. Thanks a ton mam !

Sindhu S.melk*****@gmail.com |  96*****20715th Aug, 2011

Wow! I can write in German. What a feeling !
I have done A1 & A2 Levels in GLA .The course books, the teaching ,the teaching Faculty ,the ambiance for learning and of course my course mates are worth mentioning. I recommend GLA for learning German. Thank you very much Mam!!

Thirumala Srinivassrin*****@yahoo.com |  99*****08127th Jul, 2011

I was very lucky to have learnt German in GLA. The Faculty has tremendous patience. She explains again & again till we understand .
Thanks a lot mam !

Pradeepareh*****@gmail.com |  98*****0805th Jul, 2011

Mam`s class is informative. She relentlessly corrects our mistakes. Forgive all my mistakes in the class. I will always be in touch with you. After the German course was over mam ,you will be surprised, I am revising the course.

Apoorva Raodivi*****@gmail.com |  99*****64223rd Jun, 2011

I really enjoyed the German Classes. Mam is very lively and makes the lessons interesting. Her teaching method is very impressive and I am happy to walk out proudly that I know to read ,write and speak German.

Vishal P. Uchilvish*****@gmail.com |  95*****0043rd Jun, 2011

One of my favourite classes ever. Have never had this much fun in a classroom from a long time. I recommend this academy for learning German Language in a perfect way. Thanks a lot mam !

Nelnishneln*****@yahoo.com |  99*****65027th May, 2011

The German Language Academy is an excellent place to learn German. The class atmosphere is motivating and encourages interest in learning well. Highly recommended from me for German language enthusiasts in Bangalore!

Srinath K.s.srik*****@gmail.com |  97*****59624th May, 2011

I enjoyed the class thoroughly. Friends use to say that German is a bit tough but Banumathy mam made it very easy and interesting. I just loved the "Munches" which mam used to give when we perform good in the class. She insists much on interaction. Overall I had a very good experience while learning the language. Banu mam you rock !

Omkaromke*****@yahoo.co.in |  94*****19415th May, 2011

Enjoyed the course thoroughly. Ma`am , you have
kindled our interest in German Language. Thanks for your liveliness!

Pruthvirajprut*****@gmail.com |  99*****9488th May, 2011

The teaching is superb, class env. and the interaction in the class is very good.

Vijayvija*****@gmail.com |  94*****9798th May, 2011

Interaction in the class is interesting. Audio and video session were very good.

Anirudhanir*****@ymail.com |  99*****0031st May, 2011

Brilliant place to learn quickly!! Condensed course ensures you learn the most in the shortest time possible.

Venkatvenk*****@hotmail.com |  98*****54127th Apr, 2011

I had been a student of Banumathy mam for my German classes - levels A1,A2. I found her classes very interesting and her command over German is impeccable. Banu mam creates an excellent study atmosphere for her students and makes the study group lively to attend to. She guides the class with proper approach towards German and helps every student to learn German in the perfect way. The script provided with the classes was excellent, covering both basics and as well as sophisticated sections of German grammar. My class times were during weekend but she was available on-line for doubts and clarifications. There were regular tests in the class and some surprise tests too, giving students an opportunity to improve their weakness. 

Learning German gave me the confidence to study in Germany, and I owe my gratitude to Banu mam for her wonderful classes. I am sure she will be able to motivate many more pupils to enjoy German in the years to come.

Mit Freundlichen Grüssen aus München,